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Jeep Service Plans

Due in for a service? We have the right mix of expertise, vaule and convience for you

A service plan designed to be a simple way to budget for your vehicle's servicing requirements, ensuring your vehicle never misses a vital service interval to help guarantee you get the maximum life out of your vehicle. Spread the cost of future servicing (before the first chargeable service) for your Jeep, by choosing a maintance plan. This way you will always maintain your vehicle in tip top condition.

Maintenance Plan

The simplest way to cover your scheduled maintenance over time and guarantee complete serenity.

Easy Care

Fix the price of your regular servicing. Clear and transparent benefits with evident savings:

  • Service conducted by technicians with specialised tools both qualified by the manufacturer
  • 24 months unlimited parts and labour warranty guarantee
  • Protects you against inflation, VAT, parts and labour price increases
  • All check-ups and software updates included
  • Guarantees genuine parts are always used
  • European coverage

Petrol Jeep Renegade Jeep (All others) Jeep Grand Cherokee
1st Year 9,000 Miles £99 £179 £179
2nd Year 18,000 Miles £399 £399 £399
3rd Year 27,000 Miles £499 £549 £549
4th Year 36,000 Miles £669 £739 £739
5th Year 45,000 Miles £699 £869 £1,099
Diesel Jeep Renegade Jeep (All others) Jeep Grand Cherokee
1st Year 15,000 Miles £95 £149 £259
2nd Year 30,000 Miles £309 £499 £719
3rd Year 45,000 Miles £459 £599 £899
4th Year 48,000 Miles £619 £899 £1,249
5th Year 60,000 Miles £649 £949 £1,299

Plan includes all costs relative parts and labour required to perform the service operation. Terms and conditions apply.

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